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1/4" mini ratchet wrench to manoeuvre in those tight engine bays.

APAC tools has over 35 years of of experience and expertise and has a strong reputation in the in Automotive & Industrial markets worldwide.

APAC tools are designed & built to provide instant solutions for professional users. Pneumatic tools, or Air tools as they are more commonly known have big advantages over other styles of tools. The fundamental of any powered tool is to make job easier by exerting less effort and enable a much faster action.

The big advantage with is that the tool does not need a bulky motor, it’s feed by compressed air from a compressor where electrical energy is converted into kinetic energy. This make for a light, compact, easy to handle tool that have few parts to wear out. They offer more punch for their size in comparison to an electrical tool.

These little 1/4" mini ratchet wrenches are perfect to maneuver in those tight engine bays. Powerful and compact tool that produces an astonishing 26 ft.-lbs. of torque. These mini ratchet wrenches feature twin pawl ratcheting and a built-in silencer with rear exhaust for quiet, smooth-running operation. Their solid housing incorporates an ergonomic throttle lever design and puts comfort in the palm of your hand. Maneuver around those tightly packed engine bays with this mini ratchet wrench.

12 Month Factory Warranty

Square Drive: 1/4"
Bolt Capacity: 6mm
Max. Torque: 35N-m (26 ft-lbs.)
Weight: 0.45 kg
Sound Level: 97 dBA
Length: 130mm

Parts Breakdown A13-L7601


SKU 004-0037
Brand APAC
Shipping Weight 0.6000kg
Shipping Width 0.095m
Shipping Height 0.055m
Shipping Length 0.215m

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