Lead Stick 500g (4pc)

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4 x 30/70 lead body solder 500g sticks (2kg total).

Lead Stick 500g (4pc) 

Traditional lead has been used by early auto manufacturers to cover body joins and seams. At the time this was the only material available for the job. It has been regarded as the best method to do so, and in most cases has lasted the test of time. Later in the 1950's lead was heavily used by the pioneers of car customisation and hence the term "lead sled" was then derived. When it comes time to restore a vehicle, lead has its place for an authentic project.

Lead is a filling material for areas on a vehicle that require it. Most commonly used on sections that cannot be metal repaired completely. It is perfect on pillars, panel edges, exterior corners and shut lines. Its strength is also ideal for door and panel edges that are vulnerable for chipping. Lead is perfect to cover over seams and overlapped metal; it will not show up witness lines or shrink in these areas.

Porosity in a sub straight has potential to bubble and blister paintwork in the future. By eliminating this, quality paintwork in ensured. Unlike other suppliers of lead, Melomotive's lead is cast from brand new materials. This process eliminates any trace of contaminants and no porosity; making this a pure, more spreadable material.

The 30% tin / 70% lead formula is ideal for its low melting point and prolonged spreadable range of 180°C to 250°C. Works well on horizontal and vertical surfaces.


4 x 30/70 lead solder stick 500 grams (+/-50g) 2 kg total

Ideal for larger repairs and reshaping of custom body modifications.


SKU 001-0003
Brand Melomotive
Shipping Weight 2.1000kg
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Shipping Length 0.345m
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