Transform Your Car Restoration Game.

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Gain access to expert guidance and hands-on training that simplifies complex techniques for stunning car transformations


Learn elite design studio methodologies exclusively used for car restoration.

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Here's what others are saying.....


"Attending the Bodywork & Surfacing Workshop was a game-changer for my restoration projects. The techniques I learned have taken my skills to the next level!" - John M


Our team are continually refining their skills with training from Melomotive. We have attended course on site at Melomotive as well as one on one training at our workshop. This has allowed us to improve the overall quality and efficiency of our work. Highly recommended” - Full Throttle Custom Garage. NSW


"Melomotive exposed me to a whole new level of skill and efficiencies. I learnt far more than just what goes into making something straight” - Micks Custom Restorations. VIC


The Boys gained so much confidence after spending the day with you”  - Phoenix Custom Restorations. SA


Unlock the secrets to unparalleled car restoration with our Bodywork & Surfacing Workshop. Join us to achieve your dream outcomes in car restoration and experience the satisfaction of mastering elite design studio techniques. Don't miss out—transform your restorations today!


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