About Us

Melomotive brings the finest automotive restoration and surface finishing products to the Australian market. In addition, we provide training and technical support in product application.


Melomotive is well-known in the car restoration industry with specialist knowledge in surface finishing. Our consultant team can assist with all aspects of car restoration from bare metal to final surface finish.


Our product range is manufactured both within Australia, and sourced globally, to satisfy the automotive restoration industry. Melomotive is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor for selected products, such as Dura-Block and RestoFinish. Our team is also involved in the design and development of our own products to complement our range.


The Melomotive training program incorporates all the skills required to perform and manage automotive restorations, from concept to completion. Melomotive understands the driving passion behind building a project and we want to assist in achieving a premium outcome. With the right tools and knowledge, quality results can easily be achieved.


Our business was established from Peter Lamb's passion for automotive surface finishing. This has been developed through his degree in Industrial Design (Transport Design) and applied through the development of concept cars for global automotive companies. Peter specialises in high-level surface finishing and has been involved in projects for GM Global, Holden, Ford and Toyota.


We welcome you to contact us for any requirements relating to your business and restoration needs.